• Egypt

    General information

    Has the local time as GMT+2 (+3 (DST) APRIL 25-SEPTEMBER25 (EFF.PERIOD), the country code +20, has the capital city as Cairo. Customs hours include Saturday- Thursday 0830-1400hours.

    Documentary Requirements

    Commercial consignments
    • 4 commercial invoices legalized by the chamber of commerce legalization by consulate required in some cases.
    • 3 certificates of origin .Legalization by consulate required in some cases.
    • packing lists (to be enclosed in one of the packages) when the commercial Invoice does not contain exact details regarding the contents of each package .The Commercial Invoice must then indicate in which package the packing list is enclosed..


    Live animals; Import permit .Health certificate. Both documents to accompany AWB.On arrival veterinary inspection. The health certificate must mention: country of origin, names and Christian name, and address of exporter and consignee, number species, sex and zoo technical category of the animals. It will also state that the animals are free from ticks and have not been exposed to contagious diseases. This certificate will further state: for all DOMESTIC ANIMALS (except poultry and poultry –yard birds) that they are healthy and they come from a region where no contagious illness has been observed since the last 60 days. For one HOOFED-ANIMAL have been vaccinated against equine pest, for BOVINE ANIMALS, that they are free from contagious vaginite symptoms and they do not come from a farm quarantined for such diseases that they show negative reaction to intrademotuberculination or oculotuberculination effected since less than two months, that they did not react to brucellicagglutination tests. FOR RABBIT SPECIES, that they are free from myxomatosis and this illness has not been observed in the originating breeding farm since 6 months. FOR FELINES AND DOG SPECIES, that they have been vaccinated against rabies over one month but les than 12 months before departure if an inactivated or Kelev vaccine has been used or 36 months before departure if anaviansed (Flury) has been used. This last certificate must be not more than 15 days before departure. FOR POULTRY AND POULTRY-YARD BIRD, that they are free from poultry contagious diseases and that they have come from a region free from these illnesses and they have been vaccinated since at least one month but not more than 6 months.

    Plants and plant material; Phytosanitary certificate, which must accompany consignment .An agricultural certificate, will be issued by the Egyptian authorities after inspection on arrival by customs (Agricultural section) at the airport Saturdays through to Thursdays 0800-1400 hours. Outside these hours and during official holiday’s overtime fee is due.

    Prohibited Cotton (except if sent as samples in packages of 2kgs. Maximum weight). Consignments may consist of several packages. Samples must be ginned and free from seeds. Cotton plants and cotton seeds; citrus trees; earth and earth plants; fresh mangoes and their seeds; sugar cane seedlings; tobacco seed.
    Arms, ammunition and explosives: 

    Import Licence
    Before arrival of the explosives the following rules must be observed
    1.Transporting carrier should advise consignee well in advance of date and time of arrival of the explosives consignment in order to enable the consignee to arrange prior approval from the public security authorities for receiving and transporting the consignment.
    2.Consignee should obtains such prior approval  for receiving and transporting the explosives outside the airport
    3.Consignee is obliged to report to the airport on arrival of the consignment for clearance and taking delivery.
    4. Incase the rules under 2 and 3 are not observed, the airline will be under obligation to re-export the shipment on the same aircraft.

    Narcotics and drugs: If proved to be for medical purposes, Import Licence from the ministry of Public Health. The shipment will be handled as valuable cargo.
    Prohibited: Raw narcotics.
    Human Remains: Certificate from consulate stating full name, age, place and date of birth and nationality of the deceased in the country in which the death occurred. Outer Container must be sealed by Customs and /or by Egyptian Consulate at origin.
    Pharmaceutical and chemical products: (also if for personal use): Authorization from the Ministry of Public Health and General Organization for Drugs.
    Medicines and vaccines: Import permit from ministry of Public Health, Pharmacies section.
    Foodstuff: Product and expiry date must be clearly indicated on the inner packages.
    Radio Active materials:
    •Shipment must be accompanied by Nuclear Certificate and Health Inspection Certificate and Health Inspection Certificate (all documents must be legalized by the Egyptian Consulate at origin.
    •Shipment will be subject to inspection by Health Authorities.


    Adulterated tobacco; foreign silver; nickel or copper coins being legal tender in the country of origin; obscene publications or pictures.