General information

IATA Area: 2

Capital: Lusaka

Local Time: GMT+2

Country Code: +260

Local Currency: Kwacha (ZMK)

Customs working hours are: Monday to Friday 0800-1300hours and 1400-1700hours.

Documentary Requirements

Commercial consignments.

Invoices and manifest.


Sample Consignments.

3 Combined Certificates of Value & Origin and Invoice of Goods.


Live animals.

Health certificate .Import permits from veterinary Dept. Lusaka.

Dogs: Additional Rabies Inoculation Certificate

Cattle: Health certificate must state that the animals:

Are free from any diseases (incl. babesiosis, leptospirosis and anaplsmosis) and have not been in contact with animals suffering from such diseases, nor exposed to any liable infection for at least 60 days prior to shipment.

Have passed the sero-logical test for brucellosis within 6 weeks of shipment and have been inoculated with brucella abortus vaccine (strain 19) within 14 days after the test as well as between ages four and ten months

Originate from an area not under restriction on removal of cattle to any other part of the country origin. The animal must be sent without any transshipment nor any contact with other animals direct to Lusaka where they will be inspected and held in quarantine for some time at consignee’s expense.

Plants and plant materials

Health certificate .Import permits from Dept. of Agriculture, Lusaka.

Arms, ammunition and explosives: (incl. fire arms and spring bladed knives), Special Import License.

Human Remains.

If not cremated: death certificate stating cause of death. Import permit from Ministry of health which may be requested by cable provide cause of death is stated .Documents/certificates must be visaed by customs authorities at the airport of Departure

If cremated: Death certificate and certificate and certificate of cremation .Certificates must be visaed by customs Authorities in country of departure.



Objects of indecent or immoral nature; counterfeit money, honey, narcotics, opium if not for medical purposes, all goods bearing false trademarks, alcoholic beverages with injurious ingredients, hay and meat (unless accompanied by Health and Disinfection certificates, stating that the area of origin is free from foot and mouth disease), flowers from North Africa.