KQ Pharma

About KQ Pharma

KQ pharma product ensures the safe handling of the Temperature controlled pharmaceuticals and other health care products in accordance to the IATA CEIV, GDP and WHO guidelines.

Pharma product ensures the fastest and secure handling of pharma.


Why KQ Pharma

1.Shipment Integrity throughout the KQ supply chain, the shipment is not exposed to extreme conditions.
2.Security of the shipment; no interference.
3.Priority handling; Time and Temperature sensitive pharma is given priority during offloading and loaded last (LIFO), quick turnaround for the pharma shipments.

Pharma Facility

The Facility covers approximately 600sqm purely dedicated for the handling of Temperature sensitive pharmaceutical.
This is further segregated in 3 Temp levels;

1.Dedicated room for loose cargo storage at +15 to +25°C with a capacity for 40 euro-pallets on the ground and additional 2 level racking for loose cargo.
2.A separate cold room for loose cargo storage at +2 to +8°C with the capacity to store 22 euro-pallets on the ground, and with additional racking also available.
3.Freezing room for loose cargo storage at -20°C capable of handling 9 euro-pallets at a time and additional racking for loose cargo.

The facility is fitted with a Temperature monitoring solution that collects Temperature and humidity data in real-time thus enables access even on mobile devices and storage of the data long enough in case of Temperature excursion complaints

Our Services

1.Cool chain handling for 3 Temperature levels; Freezer -20, Cool 2-8, and Ambient 15-25.

2.Active container handling; recharging, battery change and re-icing.

3.Notification to Captain (NOTOC) to ensure inflight conditioning.

Solutions available for both active and passive

3.Battery Changing.
4.Use of thermal covers during warehouse to aircraft transfers for protection against outside weather conditions.

Preparedness to facilitate the COVID vaccine Movement

1.Adequate capacity with the increased fleet on the B787 and B737 to access even the remote destinations.
2.SOPs to facilitate fast and priority handling of the expected C-19 vaccines.
3.Security in place to prevent unlawful interference with the C-19 vaccines, through track and trace capability.
4.Approved to handle Dangerous goods in case the C-19 vaccines will be classified as DG.
5.Up to date regulations, such as the IATA Temperature Control Regulations (TCR), international and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and integrity of the time and temperature sensitive products along the supply chain.
6.Collaboration with the customs and other agencies to ensure prior release of the Temp-sensitive and the C-19 vaccine

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