Democratic Republic of Congo

General information

Has its capital city as Kinshasa, has its country code as+ 243 and its local time as GMT +1/+2.Its local currency is the Franc Congolais. Customs hours include Monday through to Friday 0800-1230hours and 1400 -1700hours.Lubumbashi also shares the same code of ethics as Kinshasa.

Documentary Requirements

Commercial consignments

• 3 Commercial Invoices legalized by Consulate.
• Import Licence, not required for: samples without commercial value, baggage and personal effects of passengers, consignments granted diplomatic or consular immunity, destined to O.N.U.C., religious articles. Applications for the import licence must be accompanied with :FOB-consignment: 4 pro-forma invoices form supplier showing FOB- value and 4 pro-forma Invoices from air carrier showing transportation charges. CIF consignment: 4 Pro Forma Invoices from supplier showing FOB-value, transportation charges.
• Where no import licence is requires, a “Declaration d`Importation” is required.


Live animals; Import permit .Health certificate. Both documents to accompany AWB.On arrival veterinary inspection. The health certificate must mention: country of origin, names and Christian name, and address of exporter and consignee, number species, sex and zoo technical category of the animals. It will also state that the animals are free from ticks and have not been exposed to contagious diseases. This certificate will further state: for all DOMESTIC ANIMALS (except poultry and poultry –yard birds) that they are healthy and they come from a region where no contagious illness has been observed since the last 60 days. For one HOOFED-ANIMAL have been vaccinated against equine pest, for BOVINE ANIMALS, that they are free from contagious vaginite symptoms and they do not come from a farm quarantined for such diseases that they show negative reaction to intrademotuberculination or oculotuberculination effected since less than two months, that they did not react to brucellicagglutination tests. FOR RABBIT SPECIES, that they are free from myxomatosis and this illness has not been observed in the originating breeding farm since 6 months. FOR FELINES AND DOG SPECIES, that they have been vaccinated against rabies over one month but les than 12 months before departure if an inactivated or Kelev vaccine has been used or 36 months before departure if anaviansed (Flury) has been used. This last certificate must be not more than 15 days before departure. FOR POULTRY AND POULTRY-YARD BIRD, that they are free from poultry contagious diseases and that they have come from a region free from these illnesses and they have been vaccinated since at least one month but not more than 6 months.

Plants and plant material; Seeds, tubers, onions: Phytosanitary Certificate stating that plants are free from insects and diseases which endanger plants. No Phytosanitary Certificate for flowers, vegetable seeds and cut flowers.

Arms, ammunition and explosives; Import permit from Minist`ere de la D`efense. Meat and meat products; of domestic animals in different forms (fresh, refrigerated, preserved, smoked, etc.)Except tinned meat less than 5kg; fish, fresh, refrigerated, salted, smoked, etc. molluscs and crawfish, poultry-yard birds, game: Importation subject to prior Import permit and sanitary permit and sanitary certificate delivery by veterinary at a point of origin and sanitary inspection on arrival.

Others:• Used clothes (on commercial basis): Certificate of Disinfection and Disinsectisation, the signature of which must be legalized. Sanitary Certificate specifying that during the last four months no epidemic of small pox, plague or typhus has occurred at point of origin. • Religious articles: Certificate from the religious order (shipper) of which the consignee is a member or a certificate from the religious order of which the consignee is a member if the shipper is not a party of this order.


Swine, bovine, ovine and caprine animals from Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Eichhornia called “Jacinthe d`eau”, Alcoholic beverages containing absinth. Slot machines, Fosfores de papel matches originating from Portugal .Obscene publications. Contraceptives. Arms and ammunition including parts.