General information

Capital : Beijing

Local Time : GMT+8

Country Code : +86

Local Currency : Yuan Renminbi

Other Major cities : Guangzhou

Documentary Requirements

Country denomination: Exclusively the complete denomination “People’s Republic of China” must be used on any documents or parcels when consignments are sent to destinations in this country.

Commercial consignments

2 commercial invoices, signed by the shipper stating FOB and CIF value separately (not required fro personal effects if declared as such on AWB).

Import license for goods with declared value of over USD 25.00 (not required if AWB is marked NVC or if not covered by commercial Invoice).

Consular invoice visaed by Chinese Consul for all consignments valued over USD 250.00 (not required if AWB is marked NVC or if not covered by commercial invoice).


Live animals:

Health certificate .Rabies Inoculation Certificate issued at point of origin is required. During customs inspection in China a veterinary must be present consignee must pick –up veterinary with own car for transportation to the airport. Carriers have to observe the following quarantine rules when transporting live animals in china:

1. All carriers must strictly follow the quarantine rules of china and the quarantine agreements signed by the government of China and the exporting country.

2. Its prohibited to transport

two or more different kinds of animals; or

animals of the same kind from two different places ; or

Animals of the same kind but with different shipper or consignee in the same aircraft or cabin.

3. Materials used in the course of transportation, including containers, packages and mats, must be subjected to quarantine and sterilization. The expenses will be on carrier’s account. Any violation to the above rules will result in refusal or destruction of the shipment.

Plants and plant material: Health certificate.


Arms, ammunition and explosives: Explosives, inflammable articles ,corrosive and poisonous substances, radio-active material and other dangerous cargo will be accepted by the CAAC international flights for carriage by air if the package description and quantity corresponds with the applicable dangerous goods regulation.