General information

IATA Area: 2

Capital: Amsterdam (AMS)

Local Time: GMT +1

Country Code: +31

Local Currency: Euro (EUR)

Customs Airports: Amsterdam (AMS), Eindhoven (EIN), Enschede (ENS), Groningen (GRQ), Maastricht (MST), Rotterdam (RTM).

Import and export 24 hours daily.

Documentary Requirements

Commercial Consignments. 

1 Commercial Invoice.

Certificate for goods subject to preferential duties.

Import license for :

- Strategic  and agricultural goods and life stock, textile and cities related if applicable;

- Consignment from Albania ,Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Byelorussia, china, Georgia, Hong Kong ,Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, North Korea, Romania, Russian Fed.,  Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.


Live animals. 


Dutch law restricts the import or transshipment of endangered wildlife animals’ species, listed by the convention of International Trade In endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).Therefore always consult the local ministry of Agriculture, or local veterinary service, or nearest Dutch consulate prior to travel .All shipments of live animals must be accompanied with the applicable Health  certificate either in Dutch, English ,French or German, which  has to be  signed and stamped by an official certifying local veterinarian.


Health certificate, legalized by Veterinary service in country of origin, stating in addition to complete description of the animal (genus, age, breed, color, hairiness, marks) and the name of the owner, that complete vaccination against rabies has been applied with a vaccine controlled and approved by the state in the country preparation .The certificate must also state date of vaccination, type of vaccine used and expire date, name of manufacturer and batch number. Only inactivated anti –rabies vaccines may be used or such vaccines are attenuated or non –pathogenic, so that it cannot harm the animal species concerned and spreading of the virus by vaccinated animal is prevented. These vaccines should have been subjected to a challenge test which shows the immunity to the street virus of cats and dogs inoculated at an age of less than three months is guaranteed for at least one year.

Date of vaccination must be: 

At least 30 days and not more than 3 months before the date of entry into Netherlands in case the dog or cat is vaccinated before having reached  the age of  3 months.

At least 30 days and not more than  one year before the date of entry into Netherlands  in case the dog or cat is vaccinated after having reached the age of 3 months.

Incase re-vaccination the validity of the Health certificate begins on the date of re-vaccination.

The following has to be applied fro import into the EU:

General conditions.

Pets have to be marked either with a micro chip or with a clearly readable tattoo.

This vaccination has to be verified on a certificate veterinary certificate for the non-commercial movement of pet animals into the European Union.

These conditions may be applied up to 5 pet animals not intended for commercial purposes which accompany a passenger.

Travel between EU_ member states.

For travel between states thee following is necessary: -

Micro chip or tattoo.

EU- passport.

Entry from  listed third countries ,the following is necessary

micro chip or tattoo

Verification of a valid anti-rabies vaccination on the above mentioned certificate.

* Entry from third countries not listed, the following is needed:

Micro-chip or tattoo

Verification of a valid anti –rabies vaccination on the above mentioned certificate.

Verification of the vaccination by an antibody titration done by an EU- authorized laboratory.

Psittacine birds. 

Always consult the local Ministry of Agriculture, or the local veterinary service, or nearest Dutch consulate prior to travel .Dispensation can be obtained from the National Inspection service for livestock.


Psittacine birds if coming from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, East Timor, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Paraguay, Senegal, and Thailand unless maximum of two birds accompanied by a passenger. Certificate  issued and signed by the veterinary service in the country of origin and made out not more than 2 months before departure stating that the animals are free of Classic – Newcastle diseases, pseudo –Newcastle disease ,bird cholera, psirracosis and pullorum.

Plant and plant material.Health certificate .Plants cultivated in garden, tree nurseries or hothouses (except cut flowers other than carnations, vegetables, bulbs other than those of tulips and daffodils, seeds, fruit and vines and not manufactured leaf tobacco):

Declaration of the shipper stating name and address of consignee and place of destination, that the whole consignment has come from shipper’s nursery and that the consignment has come from shipper’s nursery and that the  consignment contains no vines, whether or not the consignment contains  plants with clods or earth .Declaration  (grape- louse certificate ) of the appropriate authority ,stating that consignment  has come from a plot open or closed, separated from every vine by  a space of at least 20 meters, or by anything preventing the roots from growing towards the vine and considered to be sufficient by the above –mentioned authority ,that  there is no vine on this plot and there is no shed on this plot in which such plants are stored, that if the infected vines were on this plot ,they were all extirpated, the plot repeatedly  disinfected, and that it was examined during  a period of 3 years and that this guarantees the complete destruction  of the insects and of the roots.

Arms, ammunition and explosives 

License (“consent”) must be obtained prior to scheduled arrival. Carrier’s Freight Dept. At Amsterdam or Rotterdam Airport can only apply for this license if supplied in advance with the following details; Quantity and description, (e.g. rifled barrels or smooth –bored rifles ,caliber, etc.) ,net weight in kg . (Per article), place and country of origin, full name (Incl .Christian name) and address of consignee.

Shipment only after confirmation is received that license has been obtained, in order to prevent confiscation and customs fines (and requirements as mentioned are met if applicable).

Narcotics and drugs. 

Import certificate from chief inspector of public Health and Export certificate from same authority in the country of origin, respectively transit .If no Export certificate required in country concerned, an entry must be made in Import Certificate.

Human Remains 

(Cremated and not-cremated): Certificate of death legalized by the Dutch consulate in the country of dispatch.

When not cremated, the wooden outer coffin must contain a metal inner coffin.

Medicines and vaccines. 

Sera and vaccines may freely be imported after investigation by Central Laboratory of public Health/state serological institute at Utrecht. Vaccination matter against smallpox and consignments for veterinary surgeons are exempt from investigation.

Animal products. 

Import into the EU;

Import of animal products and products of animal origin (meat, meat products, fish, seafood, agricultural goods, honey, skins, hides casings etc.) is prohibited unless an EU approved Health certificate are available (and requirements as mentioned are met if applicable).