KQ Live

About KQ Live

In today’s modern world, carriage of live animals by air is considered the most humane and expedite method of transportation over long distances. KQ live is our safe and caring service for transportation of animals.

Your Benefits

Our service is more than just an animal transportation service because we offer you the following:

1.Transportation of live animals in optimum conditions of safety, comfort and hygiene.
2.Continuous care for the animal before, during and after flights by specially trained staff.
3.Availability on all online KQ destinations.
4.We transport live animals and both accompanied and unaccompanied pets.
5.Late cut-off times for acceptance.
6.High up-lift priority onto the flight if booking is confirmed.
7.Dedicated sales and customer service team to attend to your queries.
8.Tracking of your animal shipment.

Container Requirements

Animals will only be accepted for carriage if they are carried in closed containers and the container must:

1.Be well constructed and able to withstand freight damage.
2.Be designed to prevent the animal from escaping through gaps at the seams or joints.
3.Be adequately ventilated on at least 3 sides with most ventilation being provided on the upper part of the container.
4.Have maximum dimensions of L240cm x W114cm x H76cm to be loaded on a B737 aircraft with a maximum weight of 150kg.

The container must have the following markings:

1.The full name, address and 24-hour telephone contact of the shipper.
2.The scientific and common name of the animal(s) in the container, as shown on the shipper’s certificate.
3.The number of animal(s) in the container.
4.Containers holding animals that bite must be marked “THIS ANIMAL BITES”
5.Shipper’s instruction for feeding and watering.
6.Any details of medication administered prior to shipping.

Travel Documents

The shipper is required to provide the following documents:

1.Attach the Shipper’s Certificate (include a link to our documents for the shipper to be able to download the Shipper’s certification for live animals)
2.A Transfer Certificate is required for animals that are on transit. Contact your local KQ Cargo office for this.
3.Import and Export Permits.
4.Valid Health Certificate and Vaccination Certificate which must be attached to the air waybill (AWB).
5.Shipper’s Certificate.

Important Tips...

1.Bookings should be made at least 48 hours before flight departure.
2.Please provide separate food and water receptacles, either inside the container or attached to it with a means of access so that they can be filled or replenished when required. They must have rounded edges and be made of non-toxic material suitable for the animal species.
3.Also include feeding and watering instructions in writing at the time of acceptance. Feeding and watering instructions must be affixed to the container and a copy of the instruction must accompany the shipping documents.
4.Do not forget to provide some food for the animal, though it must be checked to ensure that it does not contravene any regulations of the country of transit or importation.
5.To prepare your pet for take-off, we would advise that you ensure it has had a long walk before hand and the right food. Ideally, it should have its last meal 6-8 hours before take-off and only drink small amounts of water.
6.Tranquilisation is NOT advisable for animals being shipped by air as it can cause drop in blood pressure which can be fatal at the altitude of flight pressurization (8000ft). However, it can be allowed if the pet is accompanied by a Vet on board the aircraft. Please consult your vet for more information.


1.Compliance on allowance of breeds per country.
2.Most animals can be transported by air, however our only limitation is the size of the aircraft cargo hold door. This is what determines the maximum size of the animal’s container that we can accept. The size is different for wide-body aircraft and narrow body aircraft.
3.KQ does not accept pets in the cabin, except for guide dogs. Passengers who have pets that they would like to travel with have to transport them as cargo through the cargo terminal, and not at the airport check-in desk.
4.Different countries in our network have different restrictions for animals on transit and those being imported. For further information on these restrictions please contact your nearest KQ Cargo office.