General information

IATA Area : 3

Capital : Bangkok (BKK)

Local Time : GMT +7

Country Code : +66

Local Currency : Baht (THB)


Customs hours are Monday to Friday 0830 -1200hrs and 1300 - 1630hrs. Clearance outside customs hours possible only for diplomatic mail, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, press photos and press films. For all other shipments special permission in writing must be obtained from the Airport Customs Chief during normal office hours. Such permission will only be given to urgent or perishable consignments and against payment of overtime fee.

Documentary Requirements

Commercial Consignments.

4 commercial Invoice stating value for each class of goods, net and gross weight and quantities in metric figures ,names, quality, sort, composition, country of origin, destination or procuration, delivery of goods,( contract, consignment, destined for a branch office),mark numbers, sort of packing, insurance, freight, other charges, whether values are CIF, FOB, or C&F. Prior permit from Ministry of Commerce, Import and Export control Division, Foreign Trade dept., Bangkok, for a large range of goods.2 additional copies of the commercial Invoices should be sent separately to the consignee.

Import license from the Ministry of Commerce, Import and Export control Division, Foreign Trade Dept., Bangkok, for a large range of goods. Restrictions.


Due to special import regulations for many articles (e.g. ammunition, drugs, firearms, intoxicants, spirit, and tobacco articles, wireless apparatus) shipper should enquire in advance with consignee or consulate.

Live animals

Live animals imported for breeding purposes shall be accompanied by a Health certificate and pedigree papers.

Cats and dogs: Health certificates and rabies inoculation certificate.

Rotweilers and Pitbulls (American Stafford terrier): These kinds of dogs are banned for import into Thailand must have import permit done by the consignee before leaving airport of departure.

Plants and plant material.

Health certificate

Arms, ammunition and explosives.

Consignee must hold prior Import permit from police dept. Number and date of issue must be shown o the Invoice. There must be a red strip around each package at the center.

Human Remains.

Not cremated: Death certificate stating particulars of the deceased and cause of death.

Cremated; Death certificates Death certificates and certificate of cremation.

Pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Prior import license and registration certificate. Exempted cases are shipments addressed to Red Cross of Thailand and small quantities for private use.

Medicines and vaccines.

Prior Import License and registration Certificate from Ministry of Public Health.

Tobacco and Tobacco Products.

Prior import license from Excise Dept., Ministry of Finance.

Precious metals and stones.

Prior Import License from Ministry of Trade.

Exchange control permit issued by the Bank of Thailand.

Radio active materials.

Prior import permit issued by the office of Atomic Energy for Peace.


Dangerous Goods:

Any import consignment containing dangerous goods not cleared within 75 days after arrival in Thailand must be returned to the origin at the risk and responsibility of the shipper.

Shipper should contact consignee or consulate.