United Arab Emirates

General information

IATA Area : 2

Capital : Abu Dhabi (AUH)

Local Time : GMT +4

Country Code : +971

Local Currency : UAE Dirham (AED)

Customs work 24 hours daily including legal holidays and weekends.

Documentary Requirements

Commercial Consignments.

3 commercial invoices, containing the name of the manufacturer, producer or exporter and containing detailed description of goods (e.g. cloth, woolen or silk fruits, oranges or apples e.t.c)Gross and net weights and CIF value of each commodity must be separately listed and must be attached to the AWB together with the Invoices. As necessary for the Certificate of Origin the following clause must also appear on the invoice: “These goods are manufactured by … (name of firm)”.

Certificate of Origin issued by the chamber of commerce of the exporting country duly certified by UAE Embassy or consulate or the office of the Arab league. It should also indicate the Manufacturer’s name and address, certifying: “These goods were manufactured by …… (Name of the firm concerned)”.

Insurance policy ,if any

Packing List

Important Notice:

Any document of certificate of origin certified by an Egyptian Embassy or consulate will not be accepted.


Live animals: Valid health certificate.

No honey Bees and Queens may be imported into Dubai unless covered by an import licence issued by the office of H.H Ruler or accompanied by documentary evidence that they originated in, and have been shipped direct from the following countries; Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand.

Importation of Honey bees requires an import permit. Imported shipments should be accompanied with a valid health certificate. Shipments are inspected at arrival by plant quarantine inspectors.

Live animals, live fish, birds and horses:

Prior permission required from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Application should be made by the importer or agents at the Department of Animal Wealth .Applications received by fax are not acceptable.

No consignment should be transported until the airline has obtained a copy of the Import permit, failure to comply with these rules may result in the animals or birds can be confiscated or re-exported at the importers expense or destroyed.

Plant and plant material.

Health Certificate

Fruit and vegetable: Official Phytosanitary Certificate .

Cities agreement; If a plant under cities agreement ,it should get an import permit and to comply with the rules of the cities agreement either the plant is imported or exported to/from the United Emirates.


Arms, ammunition and explosives and all other class1 dangerous goods.

Import permission required from the Dubai police.

Minimum 48 hours pre-alert notification required.

Arms and ammunition may not be imported except with a licence obtained from UAE Ministry of Defense.


Narcotics and drugs.

Narcotic drugs used for medical purposes may not be imported except obtained except with a license obtained from Ministry of Health.

Pharmaceuticals and chemical products.

Agricultural pesticides may not be imported except with a licence obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture.


Meat and meat products.

Health certificates and Halal Slaughter Certificate.



All foodstuffs must have production and expiry dates clearly printed or embossed on each individual package (not only on cartons).


Radio-active materials.

All class 7 products. Import permission required from Dubai police.

Minimum 48 hours pre-alert notification required.



Alcoholic beverages: import permit

Alcoholic liquors may not be imported except with license obtained from authorities concerned.


Counterfeit money

Indecent, obscene or seditious prints, painting, books, cards, pictures, films, lithographic or other indecent, obscene or seditious articles.

Raw opium, prepared opium, coca leaves, cannabis (Indian hemp) known as hashish, cannabis resin and preparations whose basis is a resin of cannabis and cocaine.

Unprocessed pearls, narcotics, counterfeit stamps.

Goods originating from/destined to Israel.