General information

It has it capital city as Dodoma. The local time is GMT+3 and the country code is +255.The local currency is known as the Tanzanian shilling. Customs hours include Monday to Friday 0800-1300hours and 1400-1700hours.Clerance  outside customs hours possible prior to arrangement of C21 approved by principal collector  of customs for special goods e.g. perishables and valuables only and also by paying overtime to customs.

Zanzibar is an island and is considered to part of Tanzania.

Documentary Requirements

1. Only original documents are acceptable for clearance through customs.

2. Amendments of consignee’s name are not acceptable by customs.


Commercial Consignment.  

• Invoice to indicate name of supplier, names of importer, number of items purchased, value of each item, total value of goods, freight charges, signature of authorized officer of the supplying company and the rubber stamp of supplying company.

• AY-1 Certificate for goods from EU-Countries.

• Certificate of value and Origin for all merchandise valued in excess of TZS20.00

• Import licence

a. Tanzania Mainland import licence from controller of import, Dept., of commerce and industry.

b. Zanzibar import licences for all goods .Photostats are not allowed.

• Import declaration forms.

a. Tanzania mainland, to be approved by commercial bank prior to arrival of goods.

b. Destination inspection for all shipments applicable with a fee of 1.2% of the FOB.

c. The customs value must be declared on the Airway Bill Commercial.

d. The invoice must be attached and forwarded together with the Airway bill (original 2).

The above requirement will however not cover the following.

• Imports of gold, precious stones, precious stones, precious metals, objects of arts, explosives and pyrotechnic products, implements of war, live animals, fresh chilled or frozen fruits and vegetables, fish or meat or eggs, scarp metals, current newspapers and periodicals, ammunition, weapons, household and personal effects including one used car.

• Supplied imported for the use of diplomatic missions, International Organizations to which Tanzania is a member.

• Commercial samples and goods returned to the country after repair.

• Goods entered for transit

• Goods imported by parcel post or express courier provided they do not exceed USD 5.000 per individual consignment.

• Emergency supplies airlifted whose value does not exceed USD 10.000 per consignment as may be approved by the authority from time to time.



The ground handling company at Dar es Salaam Airport gas place an embargo on the under mentioned shipments subject to the conditions attached.

• Perishables including livestock – interline uplift unless holding a confirmed onward booking and need no refrigeration.

• CAO –in transit for Tanzania Domestic stations.

Live animals 

Health certificate, veterinary permit, inspection on arrival.

Plant and plant material, fruits and natural flower, seeds, soil and roots.

Plant importation permit from Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. The permit must be sent to country of origin of the goods prior to arrival of the goods in the country. Country of origin of the goods shall issue Phytosanitary certificate which will come together with the goods.

Arms, ammunition and explosives. 

Police Import licence, police withdrawal permit, after receipt of these documents, the goods would be handed over to Tanganyika Arms who are the confines, after customs clearance. The goods will be collected by the importer or consignee from Tanganyika Arms or Mzinga Corporation.

Pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Chemical products.

Requires approval by Government Chemists.

Medicines and vaccines.

Medicines Pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Requires permit from Tanzania Food and Drug authority prior to importation.


Requires permit from Tanzania Food and Drug authority prior to importation


Spirits (except brandy), gin, jenever, liquors, destined for Zanzibar certificate of Age stating that the beverages have been stored for at least two years.

Brandy, Certificate that it is fit for human consumption.

Radioactive materials, requires import permit from Tanzania atomic Energy commission prior to arrival of goods.


• White phosphor, certain drugs and poisons, immature spirits.

• Foodstuffs containing cyclamate salt.