General information

IATA Area: 2

Capital: Maputo

Local Time: GMT+2

Country Code: +258

Local Currency: Metical (MZN)

The customs working hours are, Monday through to Friday 0800-1130 hours and 1400-1630 hours.

Documentary Requirements

Commercial Consignments.

2 commercial invoices, containing for each package, country of origin marks and numbers, Net and Gross weight, number, kind and value of goods, following signed declaration: “We certify that the particulars and prices contained in this invoice are true and correct”.

Prior Import license from Ministry of Commerce and Tourism of Mozambique, If value us USD 500.00or more.

2 certificates of origin irrespective of value visaed by chamber of commerce and (if countries of dispatch and origin are not the same) legalized by consulate.

Pre- declaration and final declaration of the single document(DU)


Live animals.

Veterinarian Health certificate issued at point of origin.

Dogs and cats: Import permit from Direccao Provincial dos Servicos Veterinarios at Mozambique. Animals older than 6 months also require rabies Inoculation Certificate issued by authorities within 6 months before import.

Plants and plant material.

Health certificate.

Arms, ammunition and explosives.

Import license only issued to firms holding special permit to trade in this line.

Human remains

Import authorization from Health Authorities. Coffin must be sealedand lead lined. Death Certificate legalized by consulate.

Medicines and vaccines

Importation is under control of the Direccao dos Servicos de Saude e Higiene. The Importer must hold a signed certificate (certified by local chamber of commerce and legalized by consulate or Notary Public).

Consignments must be accompanied with a certificate of Warranty from preparing laboratory duly signed by official entities, showing quality of product and declaring its authority to be used within the country or territory.



Objects of indecent or immoral nature, obscene literature and films, counterfeit money, narcotics and drugs, absinth and similar products: Contact Mozambique Consulate for up-to-date list.