General information

It has its capital as Kampala. Its local time is GMT+3 and country code as +256.The local currency is the Ugandan Shilling. Customs hours include Monday and Friday 0800-1245hours and 1400-1700hours.Saturday 0900-1300hours.Clearance outside customs hours not possible, except for perishables.

Documentary Requirements

Commercial consignment. 

• 3 commercial Invoices or –preferably- 3 customs Certificates of value and Invoice of Goods.

Commercial invoice must contain specific description of goods, quantities, value, and country of origin, any discounts, charges for transportation, insurance, packing, etc., number of flight.

• Import licence, (incl. Foreign Exchange Permit) from Dept. of Trade and supplies required for goods not falling under the General Open Licence, and only granted to national importers. Validity 6 months. Actual value and weight may not exceed those indicated on import licence. Do not ship before import licence is obtained. Goods arriving without licence will be auctioned. Number of licence to be stated on commercial invoice. For goods imported on General open licence, the necessary foreign exchange will automatically be released upon presentation of shipping documents.

• AY-1 Certificate for goods from EU-countries



Live animals 

Health certificates. Import permit from Director of Veterinary Services, Kampala.

Dogs; Additional Certificate stating that animal was inoculated prior to dispatch with avianised Flury Strain anti-rabies vaccine of the Lederle Laboratories, Pearl River, New York.

Cattle; Health certificate must state that animals come from an area free of infectious and contagious diseases, and have passed a tuberculin test within 20 days of embarkation. Additional certificate issued not more than 10 days prior to export and stating;

a. Animals are free of Jolme’s disease, trichomoniases and vabriosis.

b.  Contagious abortion (agglutination) test has been passed within the preceding 20 days.

c. Herd of origin has been free from the aforementioned diseases for 2 year before.

Plants and plants material  

Health certificate issued immediately before shipping, Import permit inspection upon arrival.

Arms, ammunition and explosives. 

Prior import permit. Fire arms and explosives. Import only allowed for sporting purposes.

Narcotics and drugs. 

Import only allowed for medical or scientific purposes.


Knives which can be opened automatically by hand-pressure, certain goods from Japan, matches (other than packed booklets). For other items consulate should be contacted.