Cargo Handling

KQ Ground Services

African Cargo Handling Ltd. (ACHL) is a subsidiary of the Kenya Airways Group. KQ Ground Services is a full-service provider of Airline Ground Handling and Airport Related Services. We make it our business to offer you trouble-free, full service delivery based on a comprehensive range of ground handling services. Serving an ever-growing number of airlines, Kenya Airways Ground Services has become the leading passenger, aircraft and ramp handling company in Kenya. We can offer you handling of all types of aircraft landing at JKIA

Ground Handling

Kenya Airways prides itself in offering our customer airlines excellent ground handling services. We are passionate about excellence in safety and customer service. As members of the IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC), we have adopted a wide range of cargo handling services to delivery high quality service to our customers. Our team of qualified personnel ably provides combined services in ground, ramp handling, warehousing as well as accurate documentation, manifesting, and customs clearance as value addition to our customers.
Our automated cargo handling systems enables us to handle customer cargo and documentation efficiently as well as reduces handling costs.


We offer our customers modern, spacious and secure warehousing options at our hub to meet their unique needs.
Our facilities include cold rooms as well as a general warehouses. We are fully equipped with forklifts (normal and clamp), hand jacks, ladders, weighing machines fitted with rollers for ease of loading and off loading and fitted scissor jacks.
Our warehouses’ capacity is 136,000 square feet at KQ Cargo Centre and 45,000sq.ft at KAHL.
They are very well secured with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, security personnel and a manager within the premises. We pride ourselves in having zero pilferage at our warehouses and assure our customers of security when we handle their cargo.
We also handle dangerous goods and have staff who have been well trained in DGR handling.

KQ Cargo Centre

Kenya Airways operates 2 air cargo handling facilities at JKIA. KQ Cargo Centre is our facility dedicated to handling of import shipments and cargo for our customer airlines. Kenya Airfreight Handling (KAHL) Building which is mainly used for our export shipments is located next to KQ Cargo Centre and is owned by KAA (Kenya Airports Authority).
KQ Cargo Centre provides a facility that assures you of the security of your cargo from the aircraft to the consignee. With our experience spanning over 30 years, we provide professional ground handling services for freighters and other airlines.
Our system Cargo Spot enables speedy, efficient and accurate cargo handling as well as real time cargo tracking for our customers.
KQ Cargo Center continues to attract and partner with leading international airlines. Some of our customer airlines include:
1.Air Mozambique
2.Air France – KLM - Martin Air
3.Allied Cargo
5.Egypt Air
6.Ethiopian Airlines
7.Korean Air
9.Saudia Cargo
11.Precision Air

Why KQ Cargo ?

We have over 25 years experience in logistics in this region
We have a qualified and experienced workforce
Kenya Airways is a trusted Kenyan brand and we treat our customers as our partners
Our staff are DGR certified
We are ISAGO certified
Ramp Handling Service We provide ramp handling services to freighters which fully integrate with our physical cargo handling service, giving maximum efficiency between air-side operations and Terminal Operated by our Ramp Services Unit. Our Ramp Handling services comprise the following

Aircraft loading and unloading
Storage and securing of loads in aircraft
All documentation for ramp handling services
Warehousing Service (Physical Handling)

Our terminal provides state-of-the-art facilities for air cargo handling. With all facilities integrated by our highly automated cargo handling systems, we offer a complete range of time-efficient Physical Handling services designed to help speed up your business process.
Advanced Automation

Our highly automated ULD Storage System is one of the most sophisticated devices of cargo handling technologies, enabling us to process cargo with unprecedented speed, transparency and reliability.


Our cargo build-up and break-down workstations are designed to handle both import and export cargo, ensuring maximum efficiency in the use of terminal facilities. Our automated Cargo storage and retrieval systems, facilitated by forklift and stacker operators using wireless radio frequency handheld terminals, connect workstations with every process point, allowing the smooth flow of cargo within the Main Terminal Building up from acceptance to the delivery points.


Using the automated cargo handling and storage systems inside our Cargo Terminal means that human handling is minimized. Our Racking System is fully customs-bonded with both computerized and human security systems providing maximum protection. The Main Terminal Building has more than 38 close circuit television cameras and security access control system to safeguard the security of stored cargo and the premises.
Document handling

We provide one-stop-shop service to help speed up the import and export processes. Fully integrated with our warehouse handling and ramp handling services, we offer the following document handling services.

Export To help speed up the export process we offer the following services:

Checking, accepting
Processing manifests
Load estimates
Load preparation

Airlines, freight forwarders and shippers can enjoy the following import documentation services:
Arrival notification
Document release
Customs clearance by import brokers
Quarantine process
Express discharge of special cargo


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