KQ Courier

About KQ Courier

KQ Courier is a tailor-made airfreight service that caters for expedited transportation of time-definite courier material by registered courier companies only. This is an airport-to-airport service

Service Parameters

1.Late cut-off times for acceptance - 1 hour for domestic bound courier and 2hours for regional and international bound courier. This varies from station to station.*
2.Expedited delivery
3.Tail-to-tail online flight transfers
4.Special handling for all shipments
5.Dedicated sales, handling and customs teams
6.No advance reservation requirement
7.No maximum shipment size*
8.Maximum weight per piece 70kg.* (heavier pieces can be accepted with prior arrangements and only to specific destinations)
9.Available to all KQ online destinations

Your Benefits

1.Uplifts of consignments on priority basis on first available flights
2.24 hour customer service and support
3.Tail-to-tail ramp transfers
4.Dedicated courier handling staff
5.Comprehensive information on tracking details from origin to final destination
6.All inclusive rate*
7.Specialized handling

Target Group

Courier companies only (Must be registered by the government body that regulates the telecommunications and transportation of courier and Post office Mail in Kenya – CCK)


The following shipments will not be accepted as courier consignments:-
1.Valuable Cargo
2.Dangerous Goods
3.Live Animals
4.Human Remains
6.Vulnerable Cargo
7.Materials having disagreeable color
8.Firearms including rifles, shotguns and restricted weapons
9.Fine art
11.Alcoholic beverages
12.Securities such as but not limited to negotiables, financial documents etc.
13.Batteries, electric storage, wet (containing electrolyte acid or other alkaline corrosive battery fluid)

Booking Requirements

Advance reservation not required*

Feature Statement

“Kenya Airways Courier – Expedited transport solution for courier material".
*Conditions apply.
Please contact your local KQ Cargo office for further information.