KQ Secure

About KQ Secure

KQ Secure is an exceptional high security airport-to-airport service for your vulnerable consignments, offering maximum security and streamlined processes. This product offers, upon acceptance, special storage areas, surveillance on ground and escort to the aircraft by trained personnel to guarantee a high level of protection for your vulnerable goods.

Service Parameters

1.Late cut-off times for acceptance.*
2.Will initially be available on some KQ online destinations only.*
3.Dedicated sales and customer service team.
4.Maximum shipment size and weight restrictions are dependent on type of aircraft operating

Your Benefits

1.Transportation in temperature-controlled environtainers (available in PHARMA 4)
2.High up-lift priority.
3.Latest acceptance time is 4hrs before departure*
4.Specialized handling for all shipments throughout the transportation chain.
5.Dedicated sales and customer service staff to attend to your queries.
6.Capacity guarantee is available only to specific destinations. (Contact your nearest KQ cargo office for more information).
7.Security escort to the aircraft and special storage areas on ground for your consignment upon acceptance.
8.Information about movement of your shipment will be made available to you on request after flight departure.
9.Your consignment will be available for collection 90min after arrival, depending on the destination.

Booking Requirements

Booking required up to 12 hours prior to flight departure.

Feature Statement

“KQ Secure – the reliable transport solution designed for shipping your vulnerable consignments.”
*Conditions apply.
Please contact your local KQ Cargo office for further information.